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Memorial Chat

00:54:09 tonityepreisler: Glad to join our family! Toni & Lee Preisler from UK
00:54:44 Tom Tetzlaff: Thanks for having us. Hal was a great man and I am glad to have known him.
00:55:11 Beth Scanzani: such beautiful music <3
00:55:55 somphol chaisiriroj: hello everyone, Somphol from Thailand
00:56:27 Laurie Schur: Hello. Blessings to all from Santa Monica, CA
00:56:30 donnaquance: Hello to everyone, from Toronto Canada
00:56:30 Ele Dootson: Hello, Ele from Kirkland, WA
00:56:31 ejoyceglasgow: Hello to everyone.
00:56:38 REBEKAH HIRSCH: Hllo Everyone. glad and sad to be here.
00:56:44 francescastarr: Hello, Francesca Starr in Playa del Carmen, MX. So pleased to share this time with everyone.
00:56:44 Elena Dragotto: Hello from Elena from Italy!!
00:56:57 Joey Carvalho, Goa, India: Hi everyone, this is Joey Carvalho from Goa in India.
00:57:17 Gloria Gesas: The memory of Hal will remain in our hearts through eternity.
00:57:18 Tim Luck: Hi to all with greetings from England
00:57:18 Laurie Hamilton: Blessings from Asheville, North Carolina
00:57:23 Pia Lindgren: Hello everyone from Australia
00:57:24 Chris Taylor: such a special gathering…hello from Point Roberts, Washington state
00:57:33 Pauline Dolan: Grace & Blessings from Ireland .
00:57:35 Lion Goodman, PCC: Greetings and salutations from Lion in Petaluma, California, privileged to have met Hal in 1976.
00:57:38 Linda Stark: hello from Linda and Heather in Boston
00:57:47 Deborah Morris: So grateful to be here with all of you to honor Hal! Love Love Love
00:57:49 Karinna James: Greetings from Vancouver – Tom & Karinna James – our hearts are so full of love and gratitude for being touched by Hal & Sidra
00:57:56 Gloria Gesas: Will it be possible to obtain a ‘tape’? Thank you
00:57:58 margreet renkers: beautiful to see and feel the waves are coming in.
00:58:02 Bodhi & Helene: Morning everyone! Sending love from the Mendocino coast.
00:58:13 Aliza Rivka, Romemu Program Manager: Welcome everyone, and thank you for being here as we honor Hal Stone. The Memorial will begin at 11:30am EST.
00:58:15 Suchada Assawaharutai: Hello from Bangkok, Thailand
00:58:21 Aliza Rivka, Romemu Program Manager: Yes, we are recording.
00:58:30 win: Hello Everyone; it is such an honour to be here,
00:58:35 Nancy D Young: Hi to everyone's selves… from Nancy Young in Southern California…
00:58:36 Franca Errani Italy: HI every one glad to be here
00:58:46 win: from Win in UK
00:58:53 Murray Armstrong: Hello Everyone from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
00:58:58 Jerry "Yerasimos" Stilianessis: Hi everyone. Such a blessing to be here with you all.
00:59:02 john and pam: greetings and blessings from sunny, humid Chicago after a wonderful rainstorm overnight….love John and Pam
00:59:09 kelliepoulin: hello everyone
00:59:25 Marjanne Vermeer: Hi everybody honouring Hal from Holland
00:59:28 beverlyparsons: Hello Everyone from Baltimore, Maryland. Love the music – know it well! Love
00:59:47 Rick Paine: Love to you all, Rick and Lynnaea, Whidbey Island
00:59:50 keith: From Keith Alstedter. Much love!
00:59:57 michael zimmerman: So lovely to be here with everyone,
01:00:02 beatrice ammidown: Love and light to us all so blessed through our friendship with Hal
01:00:05 BJ Levy: Such an honor to be part of this celebration of a many who made such a difference in so many lives
01:00:08 Lorena: Hello Everybody!! MUCH Love💚
01:00:25 Clara Chorley: So grateful for this moment to celebrate Hal xoxo
01:00:32 Narandja Eagleson: Blessings to all.
01:00:36 susi: Hello from New York
01:00:39 ChuckG: hello
01:00:44 shana parker: Sending you so much love Tamar
01:00:46 Marion Hirsch: Hello everyone, honoring Hal from Joe and Marion Hirsch in Houston
01:00:47 Jaime ona Pangaia: happy to see all my friends here, together <3
01:00:53 Bonnie L. Pfeiffer: Grateful to be here with you all!
01:00:58 shana parker: tamar – sending you love!
01:01:07 Geetu Bharwaney: Hi everyone from the UK
01:01:12 iPad: Beaming in from the hot high desert of Joshua Tree. Big open hearts with everyone…
01:01:15 Appointment With Trish: Hello everyone, from here in West Hollywood CA
01:01:17 Leila Turner: Deborah Turner, Randy Morris and Leila Turner signing on. grateful to be here. 💗
01:01:30 Liv: I am so honoured to be with you. Blessings to Hals memory from Liv Dons Samset Oslo Norway
01:01:32 Naomi Cotten: So Sad & so Glad to be with you all today – Naomi Cotten in London UK
01:01:32 thalia: From Thalia in Melbourne , Australia
01:01:34 Jennifer Walton: We love you Hal! Look at all your loving friends!
01:01:39 Susan Ireland: Hello from Seattle. I am grateful for Hal and his work that made such an impact to me and the world.
01:01:42 barbara dash: Tamar and family, Richard and I send our love.
01:01:50 susan: Hi, from Houston, Texas
01:01:52 Dawn Hofberg-Schlosser: Dawn and Bob Hofberg-Schlosser greeting you all
01:01:55 bradfordbancroft: I can’t stay on for the whole memorial but wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to Hal and Sidra for their inspiring work over many years. You have been a part of my practice since I first learned of your teachings. Blessings on you all. bradford
01:02:13 Véronique Brard: Greetings to all from laved
01:02:17 Chelsea Wakefield: Chelsea from Little Rock, Love to Hal and everyone else
01:02:18 Deborah: hello from Holland
01:02:19 Assal Monique: Love from a
01:02:22 Jennifer Walton: Sending you love Tamar and Sidra. XO Jennifer Walton
01:02:25 Paula Jo "PJ" Hruby: Hello All! So delighted to be gathered with you! Greetings from Cleveland Ohio, PJ Hruby
01:02:30 lexa: Sending love to you, Sidra, and you, Tamar, and to all of us who will always be grateful to this amazing man
01:02:32 Assal Monique: Love from Switzerland
01:02:33 Ghislaine: Hello from Casablanca du Maroc
01:02:34 Véronique Brard: Lavender country (Provence)
01:02:36 tracey [at] mcn [dot] org: Sending love to you all,Tracey Coddington
01:02:37 iPad de Maria (2): all my love ❤️
01:02:43 Miriam Dyak: Love to Everyone from Miriam in Seattle
01:02:44 Virginia Reed: love from Middle Ridge
01:02:46 BigInhale/Nicole Blair: Hello from New Orleans. So grateful to be able to witness Hal’s tribute. What an amazing human. Love to Sidra and Tamar.
01:02:49 beatrice ammidown: My heart is sending Tamar and Sidra more love, peace and caring.
01:03:01 Diana Scambler: With gratitude love and appreciation, from Diana in the middle of a wintry night in Melbourne Australia
01:03:06 Angelika: Honoured to be here, Angelika, Greater Toronto area, Canada
01:03:07 Trilby Fairfax: love and blessings from Dorset from Trilby and Peter
01:03:11 Chelsea Wakefield: Thank you Tamar and Sidra for seeing this up!
01:03:16 Doris Shannon: What a beautiful way to bless a beautiful spirit. Coach Doris Atlanta Georgia
01:03:17 suzannekempeneers: Gratitude and love from Belgium/Greece
01:03:20 Stan Thornton: More love from Middle Ridge
01:03:28 Abby Rosen: What an awesome blessing to have had Hal in our lives, and still have Sidra & Tamar. My heart is so full being together with our Voice Dialogue Family to honor Hal & celebrate his amazing life. Love from Abby in Annapolis.
01:03:29 Dulce Ivancko: So glad to be here with you all! Many blessings 💗
01:03:30 Pamela Shaw: Pam and Victor in ny in gratitude with love
01:03:33 Samira Siham RAISSOUNI: so grateful to be part of you. Samira Siham from morocco. Honoring Hal and Sidra Stone. thank s caroline rachida gizlaine and all the VD persons
01:04:00 Aliza Rivka, Romemu Program Manager: Hi everyone, thank you for being here. The Memorial will begin in just a moment as the family members and Rabbi David return from a breakout room.
01:04:05 Deborah Morris: Help- the sound stopped
01:04:17 Clare Dayton: love from Solon, Ohio <3 <3 <3 Clare
01:04:17 marilynhershenson: So happy to BE with everyone. Did the sound go off?
01:04:23 iPad: yes my sound stopped too.
01:04:23 Adelheid Oesch Suisse: From Adelheid Oesch with Love, Gratitude and blessings
01:04:26 Jerry "Yerasimos" Stilianessis: I believe so.
01:04:30 Trilby Fairfax: sound stopped here as well
01:04:30 Pia Lindgren: sound has gone?
01:04:35 REBEKAH HIRSCH: no sound
01:04:41 Kay Muangsopa: No sound.
01:04:44 Lorena: No sound
01:04:46 Cheri Ruskus: Honored to be here today to honor a great life lived. 💚
01:04:49 Gloria Gesas: Yes the sound stopped. I assume that this is intentional
01:04:49 Isabela Quinton: Hello to everyone and blessed to share with you all. Thank you Tamar.
01:04:50 Dulce Ivancko: no sound
01:04:50 adrienne: no sound
01:04:53 Jennifer Walton: No sound
01:04:54 Aliza Rivka, Romemu Program Manager: Yes, we stopped the music, as we will begin shortly 🙂
01:05:00 Dorsey Cartwright: Me too—no sound
01:05:01 iPad de Maria (2): no sound
01:05:06 adrienne: ok thank you
01:05:11 Angela McTiernan: Hallo from Angie in Exeter, really looking forward to hearing more about the life of Hal – a remarkable man.
01:05:23 Jean-Luc and Stephanie: all our love to all of you at this time Peace from Canada
01:05:29 Dorsey Cartwright: Howdy from Dorsey in Texas
01:05:33 Lucia Capacchione: No sound
01:05:38 Ruth Berlin: Amazing- so many of us in one moment honoring Hal- overwhelming love
01:05:41 Pauline Dolan: can’t hear
01:05:56 Samira Siham RAISSOUNI: merci Veronique pour I invitation a travers caroline
01:05:57 Clare Dayton: <3
01:06:01 Javan Bernakevitch: Hello all from British Columbia, Canada.
01:06:09 Tarnie Fulloon: So happy to be with you all celebrating this amazing man Hal Stone
01:06:13 Clara Chorley: sound! 🙂
01:06:22 Paula Hansen: ok sound !
01:07:18 Ricardo Lisojo: Honored to be here to today and grateful to Hal,Sidra and Tamar for the impact made in the lives of the family Lisojo.
01:07:20 Liv: no sound
01:07:41 Clara Chorley: Liv – check your volume
01:07:53 monique ASSAL: No sound
01:08:45 Liv: ok now
01:09:51 Clara Chorley: that was beautiful
01:11:01 Jyl Scott-Reagan: Deep gratitude and love to Hal and Sidra
01:19:54 Frederico Wiedemann: So beautiful and soulful! Thank you!!
01:20:21 Tom Tetzlaff: That was really nice! I love you Hal!
01:20:36 Ricardo Lisojo: Beautiful
01:20:38 Rabbi David Ingber, Founder and Senior Rabbi: Please share a word or two, just a word or two, that describes the feeling you have when you recall or bring to heart and mind, Hal’s presence and his impact on your life. Please write your word or words in the chat and I will share them with the community.
01:20:48 Tarnie Fulloon: thank you – that was so beautiful and such an honour to have known Hal.
01:20:56 Lion Goodman, PCC: Spacious.
01:20:57 Cheri Ruskus: Peace and Love
01:20:57 Bridgit Dengel Gaspard: Deep gratitude and loving sadness
01:20:57 Chris Taylor: heart centered
01:20:57 keith: Life saving
01:20:58 Lee Ann : Dynamic soul
01:21:01 PhilipL: Love and light
01:21:01 JoAnne: my heart is full to participate and witness the love that is being felt.
01:21:01 Keith Jensen: Understanding and love.
01:21:02 Shepha Vainstein: Fascinated
01:21:02 Robert Stamboliev: what a beautiful life..
01:21:03 Susan Senstad: Hello from Susan (Schwartz) Senstad i Norway. Time & space – loss, yes. But love remains. Ohh. Dear Hal & Sidra.
01:21:04 ana-svenjakiesewalter: bright clarity
01:21:05 bradfordbancroft: Pure love
01:21:05 natalie: loved
01:21:05 BJ Levy: Loving sharing energy
01:21:05 Ido Sternberg: Peace
01:21:05 Jerry "Yerasimos" Stilianessis: Warm heart
01:21:05 Shirley Freriks: Bold and tender
01:21:05 Beth Scanzani: love
01:21:06 Jerry Beckerman: Love and spirt
01:21:06 Cindy Atlee : wise and gentle
01:21:07 Dae Gak: Bodhisattva
01:21:07 Jyl Scott-Reagan: aliveness
01:21:07 Gloria Mog: Touched forever by Hal and Sidra – thank you
01:21:07 Janny Padelford: gratitude
01:21:07 Tamara Yates: Alive
01:21:07 Rebecca rebecca [at] rebeccapicardmft [dot] com: gentle wisdom
01:21:07 Bonnie L. Pfeiffer: Seen, heard, held…
01:21:07 Robert Bosnak: It was so good to see Hal's life. The great dreamer! Thank you
01:21:08 Francine Pinto: I am so moved and remembering so many good times. feel so much love.
01:21:08 Deborah: inspiration
01:21:08 Abby C.: Gratitude.
01:21:08 Allison Rader: Overwhelming gratitude
01:21:09 Tarnie Fulloon: Hal was a source of nature
01:21:10 donnaquance: blessings abound
01:21:11 Doris Shannon: Brilliance
01:21:11 Dawn Hofberg-Schlosser: Safe to know al and Sidra were down the road
01:21:11 Deborah Morris: Blessed friend
01:21:11 Diana Scambler: Expsnsion
01:21:11 Tom Tetzlaff: Hal was a real inspiration to me
01:21:12 Elizabeth Winkelman: Wisdom, love, humor
01:21:12 Gabrielle: I miss you
01:21:12 Narandja Eagleson: Gratitude, gratitude forever
01:21:12 Leslie Woodward: Love and conscious
01:21:12 Susan Gadoua: solid wisom
01:21:12 Robert Stamboliev: touched
01:21:13 Dette van Zeeland: Life changing and the way to help so many others <3
01:21:13 Rod/Brooks Newton: deep wisdom
01:21:13 Scott Kellogg: Creative Healer
01:21:14 Trilby Fairfax: generous
01:21:14 Chelsea Wakefield: Spiritual Father
01:21:14 Niels Smit Duyzentkunst & Hesther le Grand: the sun started shining again in Holland after days
01:21:14 Chuck Heisinger: Such presence
01:21:15 Zohar Berchik: Profound
01:21:15 Jerry "Yerasimos" Stilianessis: Present.
01:21:15 JoAnne: brillant
01:21:15 Susan Ireland: Inspirational
01:21:15 adrienne: love and exceptance
01:21:15 Dulce Ivancko: joy and freedom
01:21:16 Mark Tomski: Gratitude and connection
01:21:16 Rita Termote: impressive
01:21:16 jikyo [at] mac [dot] com: Opener of souls
01:21:17 KathyGreen: Wise and warm
01:21:17 Jan Day: Generosity and wisdom
01:21:18 Murray Armstrong: Awed, inspired
01:21:18 silje alberthe kamille friis: Wisdom and joy
01:21:18 Zohar Berchik: life changing
01:21:18 Frederico Wiedemann: Brilliant
01:21:18 Apryl Rahbari: magnificent insight
01:21:19 Ann DAngelo: rooted strong tree
01:21:19 Marjanne Vermeer: recognition
01:21:19 Abby Rosen: A Blessing in our Lives
01:21:19 Jeroen Koolbergen: Deeply touched.
01:21:19 Michelle’s iPad: expansive and enlightening
01:21:20 Christine Carron: Blessed and guide
01:21:20 Samira Siham RAISSOUNI: show me direction
01:21:20 michael zimmerman: Grateful for such a beautiful gift
01:21:20 Bonnie Bernell: just love
01:21:21 Laurie Hamilton: Laughing … a lot!
01:21:21 REBEKAH HIRSCH: So grateul for such wisdom
01:21:21 Kalish Leviel: wholeness
01:21:21 Carina Liñeira: Wisdom
01:21:21 rachelhoffman: A beautiful child and beautiful father
01:21:21 Lietje Perizonius: gratitude
01:21:21 Dis@Thailand: Gratitude
01:21:21 Paula Hansen: love love love
01:21:21 Naomi Cotten: Love & gratitude
01:21:21 Miriam Dyak: So much gratitude & inspiration
01:21:22 Silvia van der Werve: inspiration
01:21:22 John Cooper: Deep love for all humanity
01:21:22 Prakarn (Khung): Wisdom and humble
01:21:22 Zohar Berchik: connection
01:21:23 Darryl Gurney: Divine Masculine
01:21:23 suzannekempeneers: Wise and real
01:21:23 Paula Jo "PJ" Hruby: Curious and accepting
01:21:24 Ricardo Lisojo: Impactful,bold love
01:21:24 Virginia Reed: Lion leading
01:21:24 Renata's iPad Pro: brilliant
01:21:25 karenhulstrand: teacher
01:21:25 iPad de Maria (2): gratitiute
01:21:25 beatrice ammidown: Gentle strengh
01:21:25 john and pam: fierce love and energy
01:21:26 monique: Love and wisdom
01:21:26 Elena Dragotto: Presence
01:21:26 Noock Teerut Piriyapunyaporn: Profound
01:21:26 Sara Drew: Teacher and guide
01:21:26 John’s iPad: we are all a microcosm of the microcosm
01:21:27 Debbie Frances: Gratitude for such wisdom
01:21:28 Trilby Fairfax: full of soul
01:21:28 Dominie Cappadonna: tears of joy for full life
01:21:28 Janet Harvey: evoking wholeness and unconditional love
01:21:28 Carina Liñeira: Love
01:21:29 Chelsea Wakefield: Soul encourager
01:21:29 Konrad: humor
01:21:29 Robert Stamboliev: beauty
01:21:29 David Bolliger: Very funny
01:21:29 Odette Schouten: I feel warmth coming up
01:21:30 Christine: wise humor
01:21:30 Brigitte Dhondt: grateful
01:21:30 Karen Olshansky: always present
01:21:31 Zohar Berchik: truth
01:21:31 Lietje Perizonius: love
01:21:31 Mameaw Voratida Vitayathanagorn: Deepest Thankful Heart
01:21:32 lexa: Powerful. Elegant, Great laugh!
01:21:32 Mark McDonnell: His work and soul lives strong
01:21:32 Liv: gratefulness a beautiful man
01:21:32 Teresa Dean: willing to be courageous
01:21:32 Gloria Gesas: Hope. Inspirational
01:21:33 Gordon Keating: we are more than our minds.
01:21:33 Monique Zomer: powerfully loving
01:21:33 Isabela Quinton: Deep sentiment of gratitude and wholeness
01:21:34 Karinna James: soulful forever
01:21:34 Bridgit Dengel Gaspard: magic

01:21:34 Eileen: Crazy Smart!
01:21:34 Jyl Scott-Reagan: courageous
01:21:34 Vicki: all inclusive

01:21:35 Ele Dootson: Inspiraltional
01:21:35 sharonflegal: guide
01:21:35 Kahshanna Evans: Feeling so moved.
01:21:35 candacepalmo: You changed my life!
01:21:35 Britt Edelenbosch: Remarkeble
01:21:35 Freya: gratitude for his wisdom and generosity
01:21:36 shana parker: Beautiful daughter filled with your love
01:21:36 Marilou: Marilou sends her love always. Grateful.
01:21:36 Linda Seeman: Generous and Brilliant
01:21:36 Larry Novick: All Love
01:21:36 Ruth Berlin: he just changed my life starting 35 yrs ago
01:21:38 Morgan Brewer: Caring
01:21:39 Robin Kim: Lived fearlessly
01:21:39 Samira Siham RAISSOUNI: love
01:21:39 Renata's iPad Pro: understanding
01:21:39 monique ASSAL: Thank you
01:21:40 Paula Hansen: so forever grateful
01:21:40 Véronique Brard: inspiration
01:21:40 Chelsea Wakefield: Healer
01:21:40 Tim Luck: Inspiration
01:21:41 Pia Lindgren: Love and light.. so much love
01:21:41 marilyn montgomery: heart singing love
01:21:41 Susan Senstad: love teacher
01:21:42 adrienne: graditude
01:21:42 Elaine Rosenson: changed my life and others
01:21:42 Deborah: warmth
01:21:42 Andrea Razdikova: joy
01:21:43 kelliepoulin: the embodiment of love and joy…life well lived in inspiration
01:21:43 Wilma Lubberman: love and sparkling wisdom
01:21:43 Javan Bernakevitch: tikune
01:21:45 Maribel Reed: Dream-weaver
01:21:46 Leila Turner: awe inspiring human being
01:21:46 Cassandra Cosme De Pree: Delight!
01:21:47 Mindy: gratitude
01:21:47 Sharon Gallagher: Never held back
01:21:48 Tamara Yates: living his gifts to the fullest
01:21:48 Lietje Perizonius: loving understanding
01:21:48 Steve & Karen Frankel – Colorado: modeled deep acceptance
01:21:49 Marion Hirsch: Made a difference in my life!!!!
01:21:49 ejoyceglasgow: Much Gratitude to Hal and Sidra
01:21:51 silje alberthe kamille friis: Profound inspiration
01:21:54 Naomi Cotten: Memories & reconnections
01:21:54 Suchada Assawaharutai: Love
01:21:57 Bodhi & Helene: Powerful, Authentic
01:21:58 Paula Hansen: changed my life for good
01:21:58 Teresa Dean: himself
01:21:58 Jacqueline Elliott: Truth
01:21:58 Joanne Gaffney: Wholehearted loving acceptance and Brilliance!
01:21:59 Renata's iPad Pro: inspiration
01:21:59 donstjohn: Profound gratitude
01:21:59 Linda Seeman: Love
01:22:00 Larry Sawyer and Harriet Bye: beautiful life neighbor'
01:22:00 Samira Siham RAISSOUNI: inter light
01:22:01 Dette van Zeeland: Healing
01:22:01 Marjanne Vermeer: dreammaster
01:22:02 Steve & Karen Frankel – Colorado: graceful aging
01:22:02 shelley’s iPhone: very related and loving
01:22:03 Jill McKee: He gave a gift for life's guidance
01:22:04 Marsha Mason: sexy, profound, wise and a compassionate friend.
01:22:04 BigInhale/Nicole Blair: Mighty and gentle presence
01:22:04 monique: Inner bliss and freedom
01:22:04 Narandja Eagleson: a model of how to live a full life
01:22:05 Francine Pinto: Gave himself totally.
01:22:05 Devori Gavron: Real and Authentic!
01:22:07 Suzanne Meister: interconnectedness
01:22:08 Charlotte Keijzer: Thank you for your wisdom
01:22:08 Maribel Reed: Bodhisattva
01:22:09 Clara Chorley: Loved, Held, Safe

Open-hearted, take no prisoners, big love
01:22:11 maryanncrowl: Sitting in awe and love
01:22:11 Marlene Wallace: Love & soulful & brilliant
01:22:12 Julie’s iPad: clear channel, dreamer
01:22:12 Doris Shannon: A life well lived
01:22:14 Geetu Bharwaney: deeply insightful light in the world
01:22:14 BJ Levy: Living fully
01:22:15 David Bolliger: Other worldly
01:22:15 Kathryn: peace bringer, someone who taught us to listen to ourselves and others
01:22:18 Nanne: precious caring with challenging for growth
01:22:19 Linda Stark: kind and thoughtful
01:22:20 Marjanne Vermeer: consciousness
01:22:22 Vicki: devotion to lifr
01:22:22 Britt Edelenbosch:
01:22:23 LPeltz: opening to endless possibility
01:22:24 Daniela Herzog: light, light, light
01:22:24 Jerry "Yerasimos" Stilianessis: Changed the path of my life…
01:22:26 Marilou: Life changing
01:22:26 iPhone: Forever grateful for his kindness
01:22:27 Dulce Ivancko: dreamer
01:22:27 Geetu Bharwaney: lifesaving
01:22:28 win: What I have learned from Hal and Sidra has given me an entirely new life! I am so grateful. Win.
01:22:29 joelpolachek [at] gmail [dot] com: Thera..Joshua
01:22:31 Virginia: wisdom
01:22:31 Tamara Yates: generative
01:22:33 Mark McDonnell: Game changer
01:22:33 Anna Bridges: Kind wonder
01:22:33 Marika: awakened presence
01:22:35 Konrad: Cool
01:22:36 Dirk’s iPhone: an invitation to be
01:22:40 David Bolliger: wholesome
01:22:40 Virginia Reed: ocean spirit
01:22:41 Chelsea Wakefield: Energetic Connection
01:22:42 serenitysheila: transformational
01:22:43 Rick Paine: a whole being full of love
01:22:43 Joey Carvalho, Goa, India: I have been touched by Hal's teachings courtesy Fr Bill. And I am grateful.
01:22:44 Frederico Wiedemann: Saved my life with his counsel
01:22:45 monique ASSAL: Thank You <3
01:22:46 sharonflegal: ripples abound
01:22:46 Beverley Walton: life changing healing work and such a gentle soul
01:22:47 Hana Wosk: A light
01:22:48 Amma Li Grace: Evolutionary guide
01:22:49 Laurie Hamilton: Laughter!
01:22:49 somphol chaisiriroj: Hal speaks to my Soul
01:22:50 Gabrielle: you are deeply missed
01:22:51 Mameaw Voratida Vitayathanagorn: Subtle Gentleness
01:22:52 DMcKee: Hal, you were instrumental in my growth and awareness, my career, my love with Jillellen. You were always 'just down the road' in my consciousness.
01:22:53 Teresa Dean: kind and fierce in his commitment
01:22:54 rachelhoffman: Reassuring every moment
01:22:55 taniamahler: From Marianne Bollen, Belgium, thank you for the gift of your experience, wisdom, Voice Dialogue! And so great to share a coffee with your gentle smile
01:22:56 Martha Hauser: generous
01:22:56 Darryl Gurney: gift to the world
01:22:58 Franca Errani Italy: inspiration, joy and such a beautiful humour, a Soul
01:23:00 Lietje Perizonius: little flames visible coming out of your fingertips when you were facilitating someone
01:23:00 Francoise Vaessen – One Sense: Heart and mindopener to everyone
01:23:01 Jaime ona Pangaia: We have so much gratitude and love for Hal, Sidra and the amazing community they inspired
01:23:02 Appointment With Trish: Examination, Discovery, All ~ In.
01:23:06 Liv: ane exquisite soul
01:23:06 tracey [at] mcn [dot] org: courageous
01:23:07 Deborah: wise
01:23:07 Peter Kane: Hal is a pillar with whom one meeting could sustain me for decades
01:23:08 Rita Termote: live your life
01:23:11 Petra Van Reek: Wise
01:23:13 Barbara Lovejoy: I’m so grateful for Hal’s life-enhancing teachings and inspirational presence, a part of my personal and professional life since my first Voice Dialogue Kamp in the early 1990’s.
01:23:14 Virginia Reed: deep listener
01:23:15 francescastarr: Storyteller, best laugh on earth, great teacher/friend
01:23:16 Mameaw Voratida Vitayathanagorn: Blessings for Lives
01:23:16 Alena Guest: Best example of a life well lived.
01:23:18 Shannon Hood: Benevolent inspiration every day
01:23:18 Susan Gadoua: humble
01:23:21 Devori Gavron: Real and authenthic
01:23:26 Marjanne Vermeer: human kindness
01:23:30 Geetu Bharwaney: A full life
01:23:31 arlene: kindness
01:23:34 iudita harlan: love love loved me always no matter who I was
01:23:35 Teddi Silverman: Wisdom
01:23:36 sedgley claire: Funny, loving, incredibly caring. My life became more whole and full. Thank you, Hal from Helen Cliare
01:23:37 adam kuśnierz: Thank You for precious gift of Voice Dialogue
01:23:37 Linda Seeman: Thank you
01:23:40 Rod Lorimer: A forever Friend
01:23:40 ChuckG: Luminary
01:23:41 DMcKee: Thank you Sidra for the wonderful care and partnership you provided for Hal
01:23:43 Morgan Brewer: Heartful
01:23:44 David Bolliger: Kind and generous. Patient but strong.
01:23:45 BJ Levy: Finding humor in everything
01:23:46 Lorena: Profound gratitude for Hal's profound compassion and insight. Grateful for his healing influence in my life and my family.
01:23:47 Linda Kuschnir: Sacred, holy inspiration.
01:23:51 Variwan Vitayathanagorn: beautiful life and soul, inspiring and impactful
01:23:51 Mameaw Voratida Vitayathanagorn: Revelation of Life
01:23:54 Jim Christiansen: Three week-long workshops with Hal & Sidra in Medocino had a powerful and positive impact on my life
01:23:58 Marsha Mason: Rooted and yet Spiritual and Compassionate.
01:24:02 Maria: Beautiful presence
01:24:03 Deborah Marcet: deep connection and love
01:24:07 Maria: Wise and kind
01:24:08 Francoise Vaessen – One Sense: A inspiration with humor en sensitivity
01:24:08 Ruth Berlin: Changed my life starting 35 years ago
01:24:20 EP: courageous and profoundly insightful
01:24:22 Variwan Vitayathanagorn: touched with love and compassion
01:24:23 Catherine Keir: stories abounding lovingly open
01:24:29 Jennifer Walton: One of the greatest honors of my life was meeting you Hal, Sidra and Tamar. My heart is full of all the fantastic memories! I shall miss you Hal and forever hold you in my heart with immense gratitude. Love, Jennifer Walton
01:24:30 serenitysheila: Blessed by his guidance and generosity
01:24:44 suzannekempeneers: To me he is an example of the combination of strength and vulnerability, humour and seriousness.
01:24:46 Kahshanna Evans: VoDi has deeply touched my life.
01:24:48 David Bolliger: Outside of the labyrinth
01:25:15 Sandra’s iPad: Hal embodied the best, most conscious way a life could possibly be lived, in every way possible…
01:25:33 Susan McClure: Hal is still with us and is working with us from the other side. That is just like him, no?
01:25:47 Jennifer Walton: Matthew Moffett sending my love to you Hal. Thank you for making my parents better people.
01:25:47 Paula Hansen: yes, one of the greatest blessings of my life to work with Hal and Sidra. I am so so grateful
01:25:50 Marsha Mason: He helped me to reach all aspects of my Self and gave me the gift of real, grounded, spiritual life.
01:25:52 Dulce Ivancko: SOOOOOOOO much love to Sidra
01:25:53 Joyce: Authenticity always – accessible wisdom held lightly without pretense
01:26:07 Zay Creative: Blessings, Hal
01:26:30 Zohar Berchik: immense gratitude
01:26:36 Paula Hansen: sending love and gratitude to you, Hal, on the other side
01:26:42 Jaime ona Pangaia: Meeting and working along with Hal and Sidra was a life changing experience for me and so many others’ who were touched by his their generosity.
01:27:16 Marsha Mason: To Sidra..from Marsha….my love, respect, and support as you move forward….thank you for all that you do.
01:27:45 Jack Zimmerman: Brother and love from Jaquelyn
01:28:25 Marlene Wallace: Hal and Sidra and Tamar have changed my life
01:28:41 somphol chaisiriroj: To Sidra, with love…and gratitude
01:29:30 Francoise Vaessen – One Sense: I really have no words to what Hal and Sidra ment for my personal life… so much gratitude, so much love
01:29:34 Clara Chorley: My inner child adored Hal! 🙂
01:29:53 Judith Hendin: With so much love, gratitude, respect to all here, and to you, Sidra, and Tamar. So good to see and hear from you all. Hal will remain in my heart forever. He still fills my days, my sessions and teachings. Much love, Judith
01:30:51 rachelhoffman: Beautifully said, John
01:30:54 Bridgit Dengel Gaspard: Thanks John – that was beautiful
01:31:00 Clara Chorley: John – that was beautiful, open hearted and moving – thank you so much.
01:31:04 Dulce Ivancko: All of me would be welcomed! so true, so powerful! thank you
01:31:09 Maria: Thank you, John
01:31:24 LPeltz: To Sidra and Tamar, sending much love and gratitude. may Hal's spirit be completely free….
01:31:27 Laurie Hamilton: Thank you John. Your words filled my mind with pictures!
01:31:47 Leila Turner: so beautiful John. From Randy Morris ❤️
01:31:53 Pia Lindgren: Thank you John
01:32:02 Francoise Vaessen – One Sense: Thank you John. touching
01:32:03 Deborah: ❤️ thank you John
01:32:06 Susan Senstad: Thank you John..
01:32:25 Francine Pinto: Beautiful words John.
01:32:29 Paula Jo "PJ" Hruby: Thank you John for your heartfelt words. Love You!
01:32:48 Shannon Hood: Thank you, John
01:32:52 Rod/Brooks Newton: Thank you, John. So real!
01:32:59 Robin Kim: Thank you Hal and Sidra for your caring and amazing body of work. Wishing you all the best moving forward, Sidra.
01:33:04 Linda Seeman: There are no words that are adequate to thank you, Sidra, for introducing me to Hal. The two of you connected me to myself and my selves. Thank you also for Tamar, a loving teacher like the two of you. I will always love Hal and both of you. Voice Dialogue gave me a path to wholeness. Every part was accepted.
01:33:04 Clara Chorley: Training in VD transformed the lives of those I work with. deeply deeply grateful.
01:33:22 Susan Senstad: Tom also send his love. You both gave so much to his being. We love you.
01:33:49 Peter Kane: thank you John, I’ll always remember the care you shared with me.
01:33:57 iPhone505 348 6612: Sending waves of Gratitude and Love
01:34:08 Kathryn: Thank you John, you spoke for us all as you spoke for all of your selves
01:34:10 Ruth Berlin: Sidra- you and Hal not only profoundly impacted my personal and professional life, but also my political advocacy work – I am so deeply grateful for you both in my life all these years.
01:34:19 Jerry "Yerasimos" Stilianessis: Discovering their work at 25 as an actor ultimately planted the seed that would change the direction of my life. I feel blessed to have spent my 30th birthday with Hal, Sidra, ML, and others up at Thera at one of their trainings.
01:34:25 Sujitta@Thailand: A new life journey, so magical and meaningful, with deep gratitude to you Hal and Sidra
01:34:47 Francine Pinto: Thank you Tamar and Sidra for this celebration of his life. I am experiencing so may great memories. Love, Francine
01:34:55 Chelsea Wakefield: The depth of his love for Sidra always moved me deeply. Their relationship was/is an example for us all.
01:35:08 Clara Chorley: Truly, Chelsea…
01:35:38 Mariana Marinescu: A revolutionary thought leader. Wise. Compassionate. Conscious. Giving. Impactful. ♡
01:36:03 Deirdre Lamb: Big hugs to you, Sidra and all the family…love you.
01:36:20 Laurie Schur: Grateful for the teachings. Thank you. Sending love to Sidra, Tamar and family.
01:37:02 Francine Pinto: I can’t imagine my life without you Hal and Sidra. Love, Francine
01:37:19 Kathryn: He and Sidra as a dynamic team changed the world. much love to Sidra as you move ahead in your next chapter
01:38:09 Clara Chorley: Hal’s dreams ….
01:38:14 Kathryn: thanks also to you Francine for bringing VD to so many
01:38:27 Angelika: Hal and Sidra, you have both been and always will be a glowing example of how to walk your talk and live a conscious partnership. You will forever be my role models and inspiration.
01:38:38 Clara Chorley: Dianne – thank you so much xoxoxo
01:38:41 Renata's iPad Pro: all my love from Argentina for you Sidra and Tamar
01:38:42 Bodhi & Helene: Very beautiful, thank you dianne
01:38:44 Maria: Thank you, Dianne!
01:38:49 rachelhoffman: Beautiful, Diane, thank you.
01:38:54 Leslie Woodward: beautiful images, thank you Dianne
01:38:59 Deborah: sound
01:39:04 somphol chaisiriroj: thank you Dianne
01:39:07 Mindy: Beautiful Dianne, thank you.
01:39:12 lexa: Thank you, Diane. SO beautiful are your words
01:39:17 Rod/Brooks Newton: So beautiful, Diane.
01:39:30 Laurie Hamilton: Wonderful dream Diane … thank you for knowing and sharing.
01:40:03 Dulce Ivancko: thank you Diane, beautiful. Much love to you 💓
01:40:04 Zay Creative: What a wonderful dream.
01:40:49 Will Taegel: Hal and Sidra opened a dimension of consciousness for me that has been pivotal. To the Sacred Mystery, I am grateful for this unfolding in all our lives. May Hal continue since no energy in the Universe is ever lost.
01:41:00 Geetu Bharwaney: I was introduced to Hal’s work during cancer treatment 15 years – it literally changed my life. I believe Voice Dialogue is at the core of understanding how to be and how to live. Hal and Sidra’s book ‘Partnering’ is a magnificent gift to my marriage. Thank you for this beautiful ceremony and tribute, and the lifelong impact of Hal Sidra and Tamar in our everyday lives
01:41:11 Jack Zimmerman: What we shared at the Center shaped our lives with the spirit of love
01:41:41 Marlene Wallace: Although I never met Hal, Sidra, or Tamar, I am forever grateful for your life changing work and generosity. So much love to you.
01:41:42 Susan Senstad: Thank you diane.So much heart
01:41:44 Susan: total conscious change
01:41:44 Clara Chorley: Ahhh – I’m here in Holland
01:42:56 Dorsey Cartwright: Thank you Diane, your heart, the music, the dream,, and yes, they are LUCKY to have him, Love, Dorsey
01:44:40 Paula Jo "PJ" Hruby: Thank you Dianne for your beautiful sharing. So glad to hear his dream. Namaste
01:44:49 Chelsea Wakefield: thank you Diane for conveying Hal's transition dream
01:44:56 annie hays: I have no sound ❤️
01:45:35 Aliza Rivka, Romemu Program Manager: Hi Annie, I’ll private message you, thank you for letting us know.
01:46:20 donstjohn: i have been touched and changed in infinite ways…profound gratitude!
01:46:45 Marsha Mason: Thank you Tamar for this lovely memorial and also for all the participants. Your thoughts and memories and information help to ease this loss of Hal’s physical form. His spirit will be with us always….thank you to Diane also, for the dream!
01:46:50 Rabbi David Ingber, Founder and Senior Rabbi: Ahavah Rabbah Ahav-tanu
01:47:04 Ruth Berlin: I will never forget when 30 years ago Hal told me my then 4 year old son needed more impersonal energy and less connection to his emotions- boy was Hal forthright and right! Today that 34 y.o. son is in good shape and he too has benefited greatly from some of the best VD teachers that have helped me on his journey. Hal’s instincts and vision so valuable .
01:47:17 Clara Chorley: Thank you, Robert – that was so lovely.
01:47:48 Aliza Rivka, Romemu Program Manager: Words to the chant:
01:47:49 Aliza Rivka, Romemu Program Manager: Ahavah Rabbah Ahav-tanu
01:47:59 Marijke Leys: My inner and professional life has been changed profoundly by my time in Thera. My gratitude cannot be explained in words.

01:47:59 Marsha Mason: Thank you Robert. So lovely. Marsha
01:48:11 Susan Senstad: oh,there. Robert,how beautiful.
01:48:14 Belle Frieman: Love to Sidra, Elizabeth, Claudia, Richa, and Tamar. I’m happy to attend this moving memorial. Belle
01:48:53 Larry Novick: A friend’s poem comes to mind for Hal:

“let your dreams be apples
bitten by the loved-ones
that have known you

their every tear a melody
in your heart's heart

a song for the rivers
to sleep by”
01:49:10 Marsha Mason: Thank you Rabbi….love your songs…..so lovely. Marsha
01:49:34 Kathryn: just reading the chat entries I am happy to see all the love just one man inspired in his time. Blessings on his family, thank you for this memorial gathering.
01:49:35 Francine Pinto: Beautiful poem Larry. Francine
01:49:51 Maria: I am so grateful to both Hal and Sidra for their love and generosity to me.
01:49:53 Clara Chorley: Dear Sidra – I love you, and sending care, energy and connection from here to you and your family as you move through this new strange land. Thank you for so much… xox
01:50:00 Kahshanna Evans: So many people have suffered from not having accessible wellness. This moves me so much, it changed my life. So many deserve to see themselves clearly inside.
01:51:57 ChuckG: Tamar,Thank you introducing me to Hal.
01:51:59 Maria: So sweet
01:52:18 Pia Lindgren: Dearest Sidra and Tamar, So much love to you both
01:52:19 Clara Chorley: “His pusher didn’t stand a chance” ohhhhh – love love love
01:53:00 Larry Sawyer and Harriet Bye: Middle Ridge was blessed and continues to be with your beautiful presence. Love to all of you who will miss him.
01:53:57 Tom Tetzlaff: That was great. Of course Hal had the first "smart car". 🙂
01:55:39 Maria: Beautiful Sidra!
01:55:45 Susan Senstad: how touching,Tamar. thank you
01:56:36 Laurie Hamilton: I loved the garden!
01:56:58 Ruth Berlin: Beautiful sharing Tamar- bouquets of love!
01:57:53 Clara Zilberstein: Sorry to leave. Shabbat Shalom and many blessings from Jerusalem
01:58:25 Virginia Macali: He lives on in you, Tamar!
01:58:59 Eileen: Thank you, Tamar, such heart in your sharing.
01:59:56 fern: so lovely to hear all these wonderful stories of Hal, and thank you so much Tamar for the coffee story, you reminded me of one of my favourite memories of Hal.
02:00:21 Zay Creative: Tears and sobs. How wonderful.
02:00:33 rachelhoffman: Love you Tamar
02:00:34 REBEKAH HIRSCH: Thank you beautiful Tamaar
02:00:38 Dulce Ivancko: What lovely stories, Tamar! thank you so much for sharing them! so many images and energies they carry! Blessings
02:00:42 lexa: Dearest Tamar,
02:00:43 Maria: Sending love to you, Tamar. Thank you for sharing your personal stories.
02:00:47 Ricardo Lisojo: Thank you for sharing such intimate moments
02:00:52 francescastarr: Tears here. Love you Tamar and thanking you, Sidra and dear Hal.
02:00:55 Ann DAngelo: Blessings to you Tamar, so much love
02:01:00 Angelika: That was truly beautiful, Tamar. Thank you so much for sharing.
02:01:02 Bridgit Dengel Gaspard: Dearest Tamar – thank you
02:01:03 Jerry "Yerasimos" Stilianessis: Beautiful words.
02:01:06 Geetu Bharwaney: Thank you Tamar, so beautiful
02:01:07 Clara Chorley: Tamar – that was incredible – your stories so vivid and what an incredible relationship you had. Thank you.
02:01:10 DMcKee: so Wonderful Tamar. Love poured through me as you spoke.
02:01:24 Linda Kuschnir: Thank you Tamar for sharing your father's love.
02:01:26 Francine Pinto: That was so beautiful Tamar. I am moved to tears. Thank you for sharing those intimate stories. Love, Francine
02:01:36 Carina Liñeira: So touching and beautiful. thanks, Tamar.
02:01:37 Silvia van der Werve: thank you Tamar, touching
02:01:40 Deb Judin: Beautifully written Tamar!
02:01:41 Pia Lindgren: Oh Tamar, Im giving our a big hug… soooo beautiful….
02:01:55 Susan Fischer: thank you Tamar! so heartfelt and touching
02:01:59 Chelsea Wakefield: Tamar, such a wonderful sharing of your father!
02:02:20 Laurie Hamilton: Yes Sidra!
02:02:24 karen okada: Dear TAMAR , with LOVE I am so honored to hear your beautiful words of your Father,Hal
02:02:47 Elena Dragotto: Thank you dear Tamar for you words
02:02:48 iudita harlan: Thank you Tamara for sharing your father with us. Love you
02:02:55 Elaine Rosenson: Tamar, I could feel Hal’s love and wisdom and embodiment through you. Sending love to you
02:02:56 Clara Chorley: Such a gift we can all be here together – thank you for sharing Hal in this way.
02:02:57 lexa: Thank you so much, Tamar. Pure love and beauty
02:02:59 Isabela Quinton: Thank you Tamar! so beautiful and felt words!
02:03:00 Francine Pinto: I love you Sidra. It feels so good to see you. Love, Francine
02:03:02 Larry Sawyer and Harriet Bye: Tamar, that was perfect. As a daughter who truly loved her father I so understand what you were saying. Beautiful tribute.
02:03:14 Freya: I feel it too, this shared space at this moment.
02:03:15 Elena Dragotto: Dear Sidra a lot of love from my heart for you
02:03:16 Marcia Singer: I'm already tearing up.. so much Beauty, soul, community — and sweet vunerability… blessings to each, from Santa RosaCA Part of a huge famiy I had not felt part of before.. Balm for this unfathered child too,, "exquisite" being, being with each of you… your love for one another touches my Heart of hearts
02:03:24 Marsha Mason: Thank you so very much for sharing some of your father with us. I am deeply grateful. Marsha
02:03:25 Chris Taylor: Thank you Tamar, Sidra and all for your deep sharing of love….and yes indeed Hal is with us all..his guidance & love carries on.
02:03:33 Mindy: Beautiful tribute, Tamar. Thank you.
02:03:34 Paula Jo "PJ" Hruby: Thank you Tamar for the deep sharing of your heart about your father. He & Sidra had a powerful effect on me in graduate school. Namaste
02:03:42 Clara Chorley: Sidra, your relationship was such an inspiration for me.
02:04:06 iPhone505 348 6612: So wonderfully done, Tamar. Love to you.
02:05:05 ChuckG: Tamar so beautifully said I was flooded with my own memoirs. Blessings to you Tamar and Sidra.
02:07:15 Marcia Singer: Sidra, Hal, consummate Teachers… I am so grateful… still readying me for Next Steps… listening for the whispers in the Wind
02:07:43 Stephanie Berry’s iPad (2): Such a blessing to be able to be here today. Love seeing and hearing the stories about Hal. Such a blessing to all. Thank you for this Celebration of his life. Deep appreciation.
02:08:13 Zohar Berchik: May we al be so blessed Sidra <3
02:08:43 Clara Chorley: Lol ! bringing ‘doing the dishes took a lifetime” – wow, yes!
02:08:53 Maria: Thank you for sharing the details of Hal’s last days on the planet.
02:09:22 marilynhershenson: An extraordinary life full of blessing. The laughter and the Light that guided all of us. So much Love.
02:10:07 Clara Chorley: That is so true about those moments of connection, Sidra.
02:10:36 Marcia Singer: Precious Sidra, beyond words.. as if it's 1990 and I am at my first V.D. workshop with you, my Life changing Namaste
02:10:57 Mouna Ajjanda: si touched by you’re sharing ❣️
02:11:07 Francine Pinto: You and Hal were the best role models of what it means to be in a real relationship. Love, Francine
02:11:51 Keith Jensen: I am so grateful I was invited to this beautiful event. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
02:11:56 Dulce Ivancko: Dearest, beautiful Sidra, it is so warming and sweet to hear your words. You are such an inspiration to me. I send you so much love, tenderness and gratitude.
02:12:08 Bridgit Dengel Gaspard: Thank you beloved Sidra
02:12:10 Deborah: beautiful words sidra, thank you so much
02:12:10 Ruth Berlin: You are truly amazing Sidra…in your deeply heartfelt sharing you continue to teach us by who you are and what you say. With deep gratitude and love
02:12:14 Zohar Berchik: Amen
02:12:16 rachelhoffman: So much love for you Sidra
02:12:18 Carina Liñeira: All my love, Sidra.
02:12:19 lexa: Dearest SIdra,
02:12:21 Silvia van der Werve: thank you, Sidra, namaste
02:12:25 Bonnie L. Pfeiffer: Loving you Sidra…
02:12:26 Michael Goodman: Much Love to you Sidra and Tamar
02:12:29 Rick and Lynnaea: Hal had the largest soul range of any man we’ve ever met. Such gratitude.
02:12:31 Elena Dragotto: Love Sidra, thank you
02:12:31 Tom Tetzlaff: That was wonderful Sidra.
02:12:37 Maria: Thank you os much, Sidra, for your beautiful words.
02:12:39 Leslie Woodward: love you Sidra
02:12:39 lexa: Dearest Sodra,
02:12:42 Jaime ona Pangaia: Dearest Sidra, thank you for sharing those last days your blessings,, your love , your being.
02:12:43 Elaine Rosenson: Sidra, you continue to inspire me even in your grief. Sending deep love and gratitude to you..
02:12:44 Francoise Vaessen – One Sense: True love! Thank you sidra
02:12:44 Susan Senstad: Sidra dearest.Forever
02:12:46 Clara Chorley: I love you, Sidra. Thank you.
02:12:47 Apryl Rahbari: you have touched and changed my soul with your deep messaging Sidra
02:12:48 Laurie Schur: Love to you, Sidra.
02:12:49 Phoebe A. McLeod: Love to you Sidra
02:12:52 Chelsea Wakefield: Oh Sidra, such gratitude for the energetic field that you and Tamar have generated today. Thank you. Blessings.
02:12:53 Francine Pinto: My love to you Tamar. Love, Francine
02:12:53 Angelika: So much love and grace, Sidra. Thank you for your words! <3
02:12:59 Oscar Miller: thank you Sidra. sending you and everyone much love-Oscar
02:13:00 Susan Gadoua: Sidra, you are an amazing spirit. Thank you for your grace and inclusiveness.
02:13:03 Renata's iPad Pro: thank you Sidra and Tamar for your words, beautiful
02:13:12 Pia Lindgren: Dearest Sidra… so much love to you. Thank you …….
02:13:17 Maria: Thank you Tamar and Sidra. Love to you both.
02:13:22 Abby C.: Thank you, Sidra. Thank you for being such a marvelous teacher, full of love.
02:13:23 Variwan Vitayathanagorn: Thank you for your beautiful words, Sidra.
02:13:23 Tarnie Fulloon: Tamar, that was so beautifully expressed. Your words held such love, such honour and so heartfelt. Such a testament to an amazing man who will always be in my heart. Sending you much love.
02:13:24 Karinna James: We feel you Sidra Love Tom and Karinna
02:13:24 Deirdre Lamb: Sidra you look amazing, as always!
02:13:25 Susan Gadoua: Tamar, I’ve never met you but I hope to some day.
02:13:26 Ricardo Lisojo: Thank you Sidra. So grateful for your words
02:13:26 iPhone505 348 6612: Sweet Love!
02:13:29 Véronique Brard: Immense love to you, Sidra
02:13:33 Laurie Hamilton: Your words are such a blessing Sidra.
02:13:34 Deb Judin: Sidra, your description of Hal’s last day and weeks was so beautiful and touching. All my love and deepest sympathy to you.
02:13:46 Peter Kane: Thank-you Sidra. You have meant so much more to me than words or time can express. LOVE Peter
02:13:48 Susan Gadoua: Blessings to you all and may we all take a bit of Hal with us as we go out from here.
02:13:50 Linda Kuschnir: Thank you so much Sidra for the grace in your words.
02:13:50 Lucia Capacchione: So grateful to you, Sidra, my therapist, colleague and friend. And to Hal, my teacher and light bearer
02:13:53 Sara Robinson: So touched by what you shared. Thank you for your beautiful words and heart.
02:13:54 Julie’s iPad: Thank you Sidra and Tamar. Sending love and deep gratitude. My heart is much bigger today.
02:13:57 Sandra’s iPad: Thank you, Sidra, for you loving sharing of your life with Hal, and thank you for you.
02:14:00 francescastarr: Sidra, you have touched my life my soul my heart at deepest depths and souring heights. Thank you for every moment. Every piece of wisdom shared. For you and Hal. I love you eternally.
02:14:01 Marilou Bova: Hal was s deep, loving, healing, soulful, spiritual father to me. I am eternally grateful to you Sidra and to Hal for sharing your love, your wisdom and your work. The world is a better place. Your tribute and Tamar’s stories were a beautiful blessing and a gift. Much love and healing to you💕
02:14:13 Franca Errani Italy: Thank you so much Sidra for these beautiful words
02:14:17 coly vulpiani: Beautiful Sidra….we are loved, we are loving we are loveable forever…..Love and Blessings
02:14:23 Leslie Woodward: Beautiful loving tribute Tamar to your beloved father
02:14:30 Shannon Hood: Thank you, Sidra. Love to you. Continuing to shift consciousness today and every day.
02:14:36 Paula Hansen: oh Sidra so wonderful to see you and hear about Hal’s last day, my heart is full and I thank you so much for your teaching and blessings xoxox
02:14:37 lexa: Thank you, Sidra. Hearing your heart and the experience of an ending that’s as miraculous as every day of Hals life. From my heart to yours, Lexa
02:14:38 Niels Smit Duyzentkunst & Hesther le Grand: Thank you Sidra, thank you Tamar, we are so grateful for you sharing off Hall with us
02:14:46 Susan Senstad: Home
02:14:49 somphol chaisiriroj: Deeply gratitude to you Sidra..
02:14:58 Marilou: So loving to be with you all again…especially our wonderful, grace-filled speakers.
02:15:02 Sandra’s iPad: Hello from Florida…So glad to be here, much love to you, Tamar and Sidra💕💕
02:15:09 Geetu Bharwaney: Thank you Sidra, deepest sympathy and blessings to you and all of your family. Thank you for sharing Hal’s memories with us with so much grace elegance and beauty
02:15:16 Cassandra Cosme De Pree: That was so beautiful Sidra! Blessings and love to you.
02:15:33 DMcKee: such a wonderful presence you shared with us Sidra. Love Love Love
02:16:33 Maria: Thank you all so much.
02:16:33 Mark Tomski: With deep gratitude.
02:16:44 BJ Levy: Thank you for filling my soul today
02:16:47 fern: thank you so much Sidra, so deep and full of LOVE, i am so glad to be part of this, it is so wonderful to see you also Sidra, you bring it all back to me, being with you both in Australia in 1992 then in Holland, I am so glad i met your both, you changed my life, i know a contentment i never knew was possible, thank you so much, I love you both and all of you
02:16:56 Susan Gadoua: Thank you, Rabbi. Beautiful service.
02:17:00 Clara Chorley: It truly is a privilege to know Hal and Sidra.
02:17:01 Cheri Ruskus: A beautiful tribute to a beautiful man. Thank you Tamar and Sidra for bringing us together. 💚🙏🌹
02:17:02 BigInhale/Nicole Blair: I am so grateful to have witnessed Hal and Sidra’s relationship, your most poignant work and to have felt Hal and Sidra’s vast presence. So honored to have known Tamar, Sidra and Hal.
02:17:13 rachelhoffman: To yearn toward the sacred and to wash the dishes…
02:17:18 Marsha Mason: Thank you Sidra and Tamar and Rabbi and all speakers for sharing Hal with us…yes, what a privilege it is to be able to know him through you all. Marsha
02:17:21 Sandra’s iPad: Yes, Rabbi, knowing Hal Really was a privilege
02:17:21 Tarnie Fulloon: Sidra, it was so so so wonderful to see you and hear you speak your honour of your Hal. So touched by your words and your soul. I have such deep love for you both and you both travel with me daily as I do my work personally and professionally. Such a blessing to you have known you both. Sending you much much love.
02:17:30 Zohar Berchik: We had Chai pages of community today xx
02:17:48 Barbara Lovejoy: Dear Side, Tamar, and all, my heart feels so full from your deep sharing, and the love and gratitude expressed that you experienced in you lives with Hal. So many vivid memories of my first Summer Kamp have been arising today; I’m forever grateful for how my life my transformed by the discovery of my “inner Critic’, which began the rescue of my inner magical, playful and creative selves that have continued to express ever since. Blessings to you in celebration of this sacred time of Hal’s passing and journey forward. Much love and appreciation to you.
02:17:48 Konrad: Thank you, Sidra
02:18:24 BJ Levy: And it’s a privilege to know you also Sidra and Tamar
02:18:41 Bhimiji: So many wonderful memories from courses and Summer Camps (my favorite), this work was one of the most transformative of my life. I am in deep Gratitude to Hal and you Sidra. Thank you!
02:18:48 Barbara Lovejoy: PS;;’me’ is Barbara Lovejoy in the message about Summer Kamp above, don’t know why my name doesn’t show.
02:18:49 somphol chaisiriroj: Thank Jamie to take me to Thera to work with Hal &Sidra..
02:18:51 Eileen: Thank you, Rabbi David for your heart and they way you have held all of us during this blessed time.
02:18:52 Lion Goodman, PCC: Sitting at Hal’s feet was truly a privilege and a stunning experience. He felt like Pure Space to me, and when he asked to speak to my Rational Mind, I was stunned. What? I AM that – how can I separate myself from what I am? Oh… maybe I’m NOT my mind – and that moment was life changing. Thank you, Hal.
02:18:59 Sharon McLeod: Love to you, Sidra and Tamar and thank you for including us all in this loving tribute to Hal.
02:19:07 Diana Scambler: A privilege indeed to have known Hal and Sidra, and to be part of this heartfelt celebration of Hal’s life. So beautiful to be part of this community birthed by Hal and Sidra.
02:19:10 Cassandra Cosme De Pree: Thank you Tamar for bringing us all together to celebrate Hal! Love & Blessings
02:19:44 somphol chaisiriroj: it's privilege to work with you..Hal Sidra & Tamar.
02:19:55 iudita harlan: It fills my heart to see you all…so many memories with so many of you…..all held together by hal and Sidra….
02:19:55 Beth Scanzani: with deep gratitude to be part of this beautiful and loving celebration of Hal’s life and life work…
02:20:00 BigInhale/Nicole Blair: Is it possible to receive the recording of this beautiful ceremony?
02:20:07 Deborah: Really honoured to have been a part of this. So many beautiful, heartwarming words.
02:20:08 John Cooper: Love to all of you in this community, my brothers and sisters, bless you Sidra and Tamar

02:20:45 Hyla Cass MD: Larger than life and accessible at the same time; love, strength, inspiration; a blessing in my life. Thank you Tamar and Sidra for your heartfelt sharing, and Rabbi Ingber for your sensitive, evocative and sacred ceremony grounded in both Universal and Jewish consciousness, of particular comfort to me. Love to all.
02:20:51 Franca Errani Italy: Sorry to leave, with deep gratitude to you Sidra, and Tamar and you all
02:20:52 Jill McKee: I have such gratitude for this beautiful opportunity to share Hal's life together. Thank you Tamara, Rabbi David, and Sidra.
02:21:32 Pauline Dolan: My blank page has been filled with essence beyond words. Thank you for the invitation to share in celebrating .
02:21:35 Phoebe A. McLeod: Love and blessings to Sidra and Tamar. Thank you for sharing this celebration of Hal's life with me and all of us.
02:21:35 Karen Olshansky: with love and gratitude to Tamar and Sidra for this beautiful tribute to Hal.
02:21:35 Linda Seeman: So profoundly meaningful. Thank you, Tamar, Sidra, John, Diane, and Robert. Love to everyone.
02:21:40 Jaime ona Pangaia: I keep a candle burning for Hal, a symbol of his bright love and wisdom that burns on within us all.
02:21:58 Tarnie Fulloon: So grateful to have been introduced to this community in the late 80’s – it transformed my life.
02:22:09 Sandra’s iPad: Yes, Nicole, I would Love a recording of this ceremony, it truely is beautiful and I would love to revisit it, you many powerful sentiments and such a celebration of Hal. Thank you Tamar and Sidra, and Rabbi, so very much
02:22:17 Karinna James: Tamar – thank you so much! With Love, Karinna & Tom
02:22:18 Teddi Silverman: Sidra and Tamar, thank you for your amazing words and this beautiful memorial. Sending you all my love.
02:22:23 Tamara Yates: A deep bow of gratitude to Tamar and Sidra and all who participated in this beautiful memorial. What a blessing to be here. Thank you to Hall as well!
02:22:40 Michael Goodman: Hal, I am Michael, I am here, I will always remember you. Love, Michael
02:23:09 Naomi Parry’s iPad Air: deep gratitude
02:23:12 Maria: I am hoping Hal will visit me in a dream.
02:23:15 Kalish Leviel: Thanks so much, to Tamar, to Sidra and also to Marsha Sheldon for introducing me to Hal. My critic has never been the same 🤗
02:23:32 Britt Edelenbosch: very grateful to be here thank you
02:23:34 Tarnie Fulloon: A truly beautiful memorial to a magnificent, powerful transformational man. Thank you.
02:23:35 Angelika: So sorry that I have to leave. Very grateful to have been invited to this touching service.
02:23:40 silje alberthe kamille friis: Sidra and Tamar, thank you for creating this space, for sharing and blessing us with your experiences with Hal, bless you.
02:23:45 Maria: Thank you Rabbi David!
02:23:49 Susan Senstad: held and holding. love. how can i tell you thank you all
02:23:59 Maria: Thank you Tamar and Sidra.
02:24:15 Clara Chorley: Rabbi David – a beautiful memorial, thank you so much.
02:24:16 karen okada: Indeed my heart is full, to have the privilege to be here. SiDRA, TAMAR with Gratitude
02:24:24 Elena Dragotto: Thank you Tamar, Sidra and Rabbi David for these beautiful moments
02:24:25 Jerry "Yerasimos" Stilianessis: Such a blessing to be here with you all! Truly a gift.
02:24:30 Francoise Vaessen – One Sense: What a beautiful service. Thank you all
02:24:33 Anja: Thank you so much for this beautiful lettre of love and live
02:24:33 Carina Liñeira: Thank all of you for your lovely words and for sharing your experiences with the community. All the love for all the community.
02:24:39 Véronique Brard: Merci TAMAR
02:24:41 somphol chaisiriroj: Tamar &Sidra, we do love you..
02:24:42 Prakarn Kohkayasit: Sending you all the LOVE
02:24:43 Donna Armstrong – Edmonton: Thank you Sidra, Tamara for sharing your love with us all, I feel truly blessed to have had the privilege to share this moment with in honour of Hal.
02:24:43 tracey [at] mcn [dot] org: Blessings to everyone
02:24:43 Dulce Ivancko: Thank you Tamar and Sidra for this remembrance and shared love
02:24:44 Gabrielle: much love to you Sidra and to you Tamar from Gabrielle and Martin please keep in touch
02:24:45 Tom Tetzlaff: Thank you and love to all!
02:24:45 KathyGreen: Thank you for this beautiful tribute. I am so grateful to Hal, Sidra, Tamar and this community. Grateful. I have learned so much and feel blessed to have been here with all of you. My love, Kathy
02:24:47 Chelsea Wakefield: Thank you Rabbi David, Sidra, and Tamar, John, Diane
02:24:47 Apryl Rahbari: With deep gratitude to Tamar and Sidra for sharing this beautiful moment to honor Hal.
02:24:48 Linda Kuschnir: My heartfelt gratitude to all.
02:24:50 Vicki: Thank you for your generous beautiful sharing Sidra Tamar

02:24:54 Zohar Berchik: Thank you beautiful xoxo
02:24:54 Leslie Woodward: Thank you Rabbi David for a beautiful service.
02:24:55 Anna Bridges: All is full of love. Thank you thank you thank you
02:24:56 Debbie Frances: Blessed be. Thank you x
02:24:56 Dette van Zeeland: Thank you very much for this celebration and mourning. Thank you Hal!
02:24:57 Paula Hansen: thank you so much, this was so beautiful
02:24:58 Bonnie L. Pfeiffer: Thank you, such a precious gift this beautiful , heart filled time together…much love to you all.
02:25:00 Paul Gale-Baker: Thank you Sidra and Tamar for sharing Hal with us all. Robin Gale-Baker
02:25:02 Virginia Meinke: sending my love
02:25:03 Lucia Capacchione: Your work intends globally through our Creative Journal Expressive Arts community, bringing Voice Dialogue to journaling, art therapy, movement and dance therapy, and more. The Psychology of Selves is our foundation. Thank you both forever.
02:25:05 Naomi Cotten: With my love to you Sidra & Tamar – I hold you in my heart & am so grateful to know you. Hall will always be in my heart.
02:25:07 shelley’s iPhone: very beautiful. sending my love to all Shelley stone
02:25:07 Daniela Herzog: Thank you Sidra and Tamar. Thank you, Hal.
02:25:07 Ghislaine: Thank you so much for all Gratitude Love
02:25:08 ejoyceglasgow: Love to you Sidra and Tamar
02:25:11 Francine Pinto: This was so beautiful. Thank you Tamar, Sidra and Rabbi. Love, Francine
02:25:16 David Bolliger: Wow, perfect, thank you everyone for this gorgeous time, this gorgeous ceremony. Thank you Hal. Thank you.
02:25:17 Javan Bernakevitch: Gratitude to you all for sharing this honouring with us all.
02:25:18 michael zimmerman: Thank you Rabbi, Sidra and Tamar for such a beautiful service. Love from London
02:25:22 iPhone de jean-francois: in deep gratitude and Love to you Sidra, to you Tamar. florence
02:25:22 PhilipL: love to you all
02:25:24 Janet Harvey: Deep love and gratitude to be together, connected, as one in celebration — namastè
02:25:26 sharonflegal: such a privilege today and all we’ve shared. thank you Hal…thank you all
02:25:28 Bonnie L. Pfeiffer: Tamar, sitting next to you in love and gratitude…
02:25:29 Shepha Vainstein: Such a healing gathering. Thank you for sharing this honoring of Hal’s life in such a magnificent way.
02:25:29 Lion Goodman, PCC: Hallelujah and Gratitude.
02:25:31 Liv: my deepest gratitude to you Tamar and Sidra and Rabbi
02:25:34 Debra Weiss: Much love. May his arms surround you always.
02:25:34 michelle stas: So beautiful. Thank you.
02:25:36 Jim Christiansen: Moving. Brought back many memories.
02:25:37 Freya: thank you so much Rabbi, Sidra and Tamar, honoured to be here, love, love love
02:25:38 Dawn Hofberg-Schlosser: Grateful to be a part of Hal and Sidra's huge love
02:25:38 Maria: That was very beautiful. So grateful to have been here with everyone.
02:25:39 Elizabeth Winkelman: Thank you Tamar and Mom. Such a beautiful ceremony. so much love from us. Elizabeth, Joe & Bennet
02:25:41 somphol chaisiriroj: Blessings to you all.It is so privilege to be with all of you in this gathering
02:25:43 Elena Dragotto: Love to you Sidra and Tamar
02:25:46 Pia Lindgren: With deep, deep gratitude
02:25:47 Isabela Quinton: Thank you Tamar, Sidra, Rabbi David and everyone here today. I’m priviledged to have shared this celebration of a wonderful life!
02:25:47 Bonnie L. Pfeiffer: Thank you Rabbi Ingber…
02:25:48 françoise dubreuil: Thank you Sidra for your smile and joy
02:25:49 Devori Gavron: From Devori, Thanks you Tamar, Sidra and rabbi David!
02:25:51 Tim Luck: This shining impulse continues to grow and bless
02:25:52 alicemorgansimmonds: Thank you for this beautiful meeting. I love you all and love Hal so much. Thank you.
02:25:52 Abby Rosen: What a Sacred Remembrance that was so befitting of Hal and his Dreams. So much love to you all. Thank you Rabbi David!
02:25:53 Laurie Hamilton: Shalmon
02:25:53 Cynthia Hymowitz: So much love and gratitude for Hal, for Sidra, Tamar and for all of us. I
02:25:54 Konrad: Thank you Tamar, thank you HAl, thank you Sidra
02:25:55 coly vulpiani: Thank you Tamar and Sidra …Molto Amore
02:25:56 Robin Kim: Very beautiful memorial. Thank you.
02:26:03 Shannon Hood: My heart is full this morning. Another gift from Hal! So grateful.
02:26:07 Marjanne Vermeer: touched deeply
02:26:08 REBEKAH HIRSCH: Thank You and Blessings Tamar and Sidra and to everyone. Beautiful to be here, to be part of this.Gratitude to Hal, such a great gift and such wisdom. Thank you.
02:26:13 Mouna Ajjanda: Thanks so much 💫
02:26:17 john and pam: such a huge field of love all over the world, gratitude for this sacred time together with everyone and such beautiful wisdom shared!
02:26:18 ChuckG: Thanks
02:26:20 Susan Fischer: Incredibly moving. Thank you Tamar and Sidra
02:26:20 Zay Creative: My heart opens with tears, sobs, and joy. What a wonderful human. Blessings
02:26:22 d.vangestel: thank you for the love
02:26:23 Deborah Marcet: Blessings and love. Such an awesome tribute to Hal and his life. Thank you!
02:26:23 Judith Budde: What an honor to be here with all of you. Speechless, grateful, hopeful an filled with love. Thanks. Sidra, Tamar, my heart is with you,
02:26:30 Stephanie Berry’s iPad (2): Much love and deep appreciation Sidra and Tamar. Love to you all and Thank you Hal. I will forever be grateful.
02:26:43 adrienne: thank you for everything that Hal and you were in my marriage, Adrienne Erlick-Sigmund, my husband Lowell Sigmund is waiting with open arms to greet Hal in the next dimension. I love you Adrienne
02:26:44 Paula Jo "PJ" Hruby: Sidra, thank you for being you and sharing Hal and Voice Dialogue to the world. You both impacted my life in graduate school at NIU with Betty Bosdell.
02:26:52 Dorsey Cartwright: Heart so full Thank you, Dorsey
02:27:00 Andrea Razdikova: Thank you Hal and Sidra for a gift you brought to the world. With deep gratitude and love to you, dear souls.
02:27:02 Joyce: Thank you for this time to celebrate and remember!!!!!!!!!! Joyce Bender
02:27:04 Rod/Brooks Newton: Sidra + Tamar, our hearts are with you as you continue your journey onward without Hal (in the physical form). We send you so much love!
02:27:36 Mameaw Voratida Vitayathanagorn: Thank you Tamar so much for this piece of work on beautiful gathering.

A meaningful time you provide for many of us here in Thailand,
to connect and put in our heart once again,
the life changing teachings and the beautiful presences of sacred synergy of consciousness work manifested by Hal and Sidra.

It’s an honor to be in this collective journey together with you all,
and have the work of Hal live its life through my unfolding destiny.

Love, Respect and Gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Hal.
And many Blessings to you All

02:27:53 Lucia Capacchione: Love to all!
02:28:17 Clara Chorley: What a beautiful way to close this memorial – seeing all of your beautiful faces xoxo
02:28:37 Variwan Vitayathanagorn: It’s an honor to be present in this global community gathering for celebration to the next journey of Hal. Sending love to you all. From Soy, Thailand.
02:28:51 Cornelia Gerken: Thank you, feeling the connectedness, the gratitude
02:28:52 Virginia Reed: HAL-lelujah
02:29:09 Variwan Vitayathanagorn: Until we meet again. 🙂
02:29:14 Appointment With Trish: You are all so beautiful!
02:29:16 beverlygelfand: Beautiful celebration of Hal’s life.
02:29:18 Anja: beautiful people!
02:29:19 EP: Never met you in person, Hal. But, wow, what a profound impact your life and work has had on me 🙏💗
02:30:50 coly vulpiani: what a good cry I am having…heart juice
02:31:29 coly vulpiani: nice job rabbi !
02:31:30 Stephanie Berry’s iPad (2): Beautiful!
02:31:32 Carina Liñeira: Beautiful. Thank you.
02:31:35 suzannekempeneers: Thank you Sidra and Tamar to give us the opportunity to say goodbye in this way. And to bring Hal even closer. Thank you Rabbi for hosting this beautiful ceremony. It was holy!