Selves in a Box: Brand New Edition

You know all those voices in your head competing for attention? These voices are actually Selves, or sub-personalities, that compose the You you think you are. Certain Selves are dominant, specializing in running your daily life, while others operate under the radar, craving your attention. The challenge is to dis-identify from your dominant Selves and reclaim the parts of you that have been neglected. When your Selves are out of balance, they mask your authentic nature. When in balance, they animate and empower your life in unique and distinctive ways.

The concept of archetypes and Selves has had its place in film and literature for years, but only recently has entered the mainstream. Selves in a Box brings this powerful inquiry into your daily experience.

This innovative model for Selves exploration contains 52 Self cards, 2 Wild cards, and a 144-page guidebook. Each Self card is a stunning collaged portrait, and the guidebook includes detailed Self descriptions and multiple draws and spreads tailored for individuals, couples, and groups.

ISBN: 097872061X

 Selves in a Box
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Body Walk Meditations CD

Take a walk without physically going anywhere. Take a walk within.

These six walks support your getting in touch with your body. There is nothing to interpret or figure out.

As you move through the numerous domains of your body, you will be invited to release any judgment, interpretations, or analysis of what you may be feeling or sensing.

All you need to do is connect, commune, and feel. This is an opportunity to simply be present with what is.

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Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone, Voice Dialogue International

Hal and Sidra Stone—Tamar’s father and stepmother—are the co-creators of Voice Dialogue. To see more Voice Dialogue-related products, check out their online bookstore filled with books, CDs, audio tapes, and DVDs.
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