Pre-Convergence Group Dive

Our time will be an open ended living inquiry, exploring personal or professional issues, conflicts, relational challenges and spiritual longings and insights.

This is an opportunity for each of you to choose your own dives for personal work in the container of our very safe and You can choose from:

Voice Dialogue – Giving voice to any pair of opposites who  need, want or long for voice relating to any life issue.

Body Dialogue – Honoring the voice of your body and   identifying any hijackers who might be overriding it’s essential voice.

Selves in a Box – Experiencing a comprehensive personal facilitation using the Entering the Mystery spread…. plus the integration of other forms.

Throwing the Stones – Opening to divine guidance through this unique form of present moment inquiry and divination.

We will work with dreams (both day and night), visions, goals and life intentions.

In addition I would like to personally invite you all for our usual Sunday night at the movies – enjoying gluten free pizza, salad, popcorn, wine, beer or bubbly – and watching a very special film – followed by a rich group discussion.

BONUS: I will be treating you each to a 30 min. group foot reflexology dive at the local Relaxation Station.

Cost: $595
Dates: Friday, September 28th – Monday October 1st, 2018
Hours: Friday – Monday 9:30AM-5:30PM; & Sunday Evening “at the movies”
Location: Boulder, Colorado