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Level One Online Tutorial

Mountain Daylight Time

Tuesday July 12th 8:00 am

Thursday July 14th 8:00 am

Tuesday July 19th 8:00 am

Thursday July 21st 8:00 am



  • Stones Overview of the Human Psyche

  • Recognizing Vulnerability as the first born Self

  • Identifying the primary selves

  • The Operating Ego vs. The Aware Ego Process

  • Discovering Disowned Selves

  • Meet your Protector

  • Personal Facilitation with Tamar

  • Strengthening the Aware Ego Process

  • Bonding Patterns

  • Film Clips

  • Vulnerable Child / Inner Critic

  • Daydreams

  • 10-page handout


$990 per person

For alternative payment options including Zelle, Paypal or Venmo

contact Tamar at