Call it Forbidden


Call it forbidden – and why do we want it more –
Forbidden chocolate – forbidden love – forbidden fruit.

Our body’s arousal heightens,
we are intrigued,
curious wanting more –
more information, more details, more Truth —
inquiring minds want to know – more!

Maybe what keeps consciousness juicy is the
forbidden terrain that we travel —
hand in hand with our willingness to embark on an
inner expedition into the mystery.

We, psycho-archaeologists, traverse the lush jungles of our unconscious
– trailblazers of the human spirit we travel –
machete in hand, specimens of memories, webbings of time.

The past and the future fall away into presence
as the full moon rises over the lake on the eastern horizon line,
reflecting the forbidden shadow that we must know.


lake at dusk


  1. I love being called a “psycho-archeologist”! For those of us who are intrigued by our shadow, there is often delight in the discoveries. I am so grateful that voice-dialogue is part of my comprehension- it can bring so much richness to myself and my work. Diane

  2. I love your poem Tamar. The language,lush jungles of the unconscious, reflecting the hidden shadow, Psycho-archaeologist and so on. Well done.

  3. Dear Tamar, I love the reference to psycho-archaeologists and digging deep to discover the untainted, invincible luminous presence! Very heart opening and presence inspiring! Thank you!

  4. That Kesey quote you added connected, for me, with an inner truth of existence (“When we first broke into that forbidden box in the other dimension, we knew we had discovered something as surprising and powerful as the New World when Columbus came stumbling onto it.” – Ken Kesey).

    f”Psycho-archaeologist” seems to describe this 24/7 practice, indeed. It is a joy to use the shovel, or the gentle brush, to discover that which lies buried. It’s always there, beyond a membrane, in another dimension; a dimension that we access anytime we so choose, with our will. Often with a few words exchanged it’s apparent that a person I’m engaging with also lives in that dimension and lives in the new world. It’s a world without being judgmental, and yet a world where judgment and assessment are all part of a reality to embrace; a world where knowing the difference between the two is not an odd idea. It’s a world where giving and receiving Love is a key goal, if not THE goal, of existence. It’s a world where practice is not about effort and is about an easy way to be and to know that the energy of perfection does exist, in the moment, and our practice continues to bring us the moment.

    Thank you for this spark and for this moment.

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