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Swiftly driving home from my weekly Pilates lesson, followed by my restorative yoga class, foundationed upon a morning workout, I accomplish a quick turnaround in order to pick up my dog, so I can bring him with me to my chiropractor (only in Boulder), and then to my five pm dance class. This is a typical Tuesday in my life – and one of two days a week dedicated to my body.

Cell phone in hand, signal light to signal light, I pick up my emails, listen to my voice mail, and use the time to return calls to family and friends.

Describing my day to a friend as I head home for my round-about, I found myself suddenly stunned by his use of a term, which I had never – and I mean ever – applied to myself. “Tamar,” he said, “You are an amazing soccer mom – to your Self.” “Soccer Mom?!?!” I screeched – never having had children of my own. Soccer Mom – imagining a mini van and three boisterous children chanting in unison for my attention from the back seat. “Soccer MOM!!!” I repeated in shock. Then it hit me, he was right!!! After all the years of making my work my life, I had actually integrated an inner cheerleader, dedicated to the health and well being of my body.

Call it aging, maturing or just growing up, I have finally managed to put in place a trim tab, fail safe, security net to counter-balance my inner Achiever, Pusher and Entrepreneur – and her name is “Soccer Mom”.

Exceptional at the wheel of my SUV, she navigates my Tuesdays and Thursdays with the competence of a corporate CEO and I can relish in her faithful love, loyalty and commitment to my Body and Soul.

I dedicate this blog to all our Inner Soccer Moms/Dads who have been working on the sidelines of our lives and deserve our acknowledgment and appreciation.


  1. Dearest Tamar

    As I write this I feel as though I am back in Boulder with you in that glorious time we had together. I have come away by myself to another part of Australia, this part of me is what I realise you would call “Soccer Mum” .. I have never heard this term before, but it equates with what I am doing – totally caring for myself here, in an apartment overlooking the ocean, going for Power Walks wearing my ” Masai Balance Rocker Shoes” to balance my whole body, attending Watercolour Art Classes and Advanced IT. Thank you wonderful Tamar for the greatest gift you gave me …YOU. Love from Robyn (Australia)

  2. Thanks Tamar for introducing your Soccor Mom to me. I definitively need more of that energy in my life right now. And so it is perfect that I get inspiration from the other side of the world. Love for you, Tilke

  3. I love this. Thank you for sharing. I too have nurtured my inner Soccor Mom, thanks to you and your guidance over all these years. Since 1988 you have helped me recognize my ‘selves’ and I am so grateful to you. I love dedicating time to myself and nurturing my Self so I am of better service to those who look to me for guidance and support. I love you and miss you. Big hug.

  4. Tamar, thanks so much for introducing me to her – in you as well as in me! reading about your day i feel such warm admiration for that soccer mom – and i’m sure i’ll need to make up for more space for her in me, knowing that i love the times with her! she thriving in facilitating those needs which are felt to be core!

    out for a nice run in deep snow…

  5. Tamar, deer…this is so potent an observation…two years ago I actually picked out a Mazda 5 Sport van for me and my two doggies (and at the time a 94 year old fellow). My “Soccer Mom” has been so greatful for the acknowledgement not to mention two very happy and calm doggies. This answers the question of why I keep focusing on those cute yellow two door Mustangs! Love and Puha, sacred breath, Reginah

  6. I am a male who has just recently turned 85. I am also personally related to you. I have decided that just because I am a man there is no reason why I can’t have a soccer mom directed towards my needs and well being. After all, in addition to my son and daughter I have taken care of thousands of sons and daughters in my life.

    I am not new to self care but at this stage of life this self needs a new name to officially enlarge her meaning and presence in Hal’s inner world. Hal needs a name that vibrates fully with the function of this new and very large dignitary. So as of this moment I am changing the name of my self care giver. Henceforth her name will be MOLLY and her sole purpose in life has to do with taking care of Hal’s needs and well being 24/7 and on ALL levels. Thank you for awakening her!

  7. Great! Glad you found her! I never was a “soccer mom” when my kids were growing up but watched my children now grown up who are…. they are really strong, forthright, dedicated, loving, and FUN! Carefree spirit goes along with them as they drive and talk or yell at their kids! Ah, I think I need to get in touch with her within me… too! I need her as I go towards the finish line of completing all the details of publishing my book! 🙂

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